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Green, Corinne A., Conor West, and Janine Delahunty
Teaching and Learning Inquiry 10
Nguyen, Michelle Tram
The Journal of Writing Assessment Reading List. Winter



Flaherty, Colleen
Inside Higher Ed
Supiano, Beckie
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Kaiser, Maya, Yingyi Ma, and Qiuling Chao
Times Higher Education


Cover Interview
Rorotoko: Cutting-Edge Intellectual Interviews
Thorkelson, Eli
Academography: Critical Ethnography & Higher Education
Huber, Mary Taylor
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 49 (1) (2017): 7-13
EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) Network of Ethnographic Theory


Warner, John
Just Visiting. Inside Higher Ed
Neuberger, Sarah
Kellogg Institute for International Studies
New and Noteworthy—9 June 2016
Times Higher Education.


FlorCruz, Michelle
International Business Times



Halasek, Kay
College English 73 (5): 548-568
Parry, Marc
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Roberts, Tim S
Teachers College Record
Pascal, Cynthia
NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) 39 (1)
Young, Elizabeth
LOEX Quarterly 37: 2-3
Howard, Rebecca Moore, and Missy Watson
WPA: Writing Program Administration 33 (3): 116-124


Jaschik, Scott
Inside Higher Education
Wolfe, Katherine
Minnesota Daily
Rosen, Christine
The Wall Street Journal
Mygind, Johanne [Denmark]
Ochstein, Jennifer
Notre Dame Magazine
Research Writing and College Life
Address by Dean Michael Allen
Zayed University, United Arab Emirates
Walden, Louise
Times (UK) Higher Education Supplement
Gallant, Tricia Bertram
Academe Online (AAUP)
Pacton, Adam
Anthropology Review Database